Open-Source Solutions
in light-weight Virtual Containers

Choose from our diverse range of powerful, secure & flexible, container-based virtualization frameworks that assist you to create, customize & deploy popular open-source applications, while saving time, money and resources.


A popular status page system, containerized with feature-rich options, such as User Interface customization, SSL support, data migration etc. Multi-tenancy is provided by default. Ability to integrate with our other containerized products makes it very scalable.


A most popular content management system assembled in a container-based platform with all the dependencies taken care of. You get to customize the User Interface of this multi-tenanted solution, while centralized authentication and authorization can be seamlessly integrated via Cantainorize.IdentityServer.


A community-discussion, platform framework that supports multi-tenancy and many other features, such as UI customization and SSL. Seamless integrations can be done with product JIRAs and Containerize.IdentityServer for single sign-on.